Bridgeport family asks ‘why’ after brutal murder and kidnapping

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BRIDGEPORT — A brutal murder, followed by an Amber Alert and an arrest, has a Bridgeport family asking for help putting their loved one to rest.

Nidia Gonzalez, 26, of Bridgeport was stabbed to death in a domestic dispute with her daughter’s father, Oscar Hernandez, according to police.

The suspect, then fled with their daughter, Aylin Sofia Hernandez, 6, causing police to issue an Amber Alert Friday.

The suspect, Oscar Hernandez, is the girl’s father and was captured in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.

Nidia’s cousin Vilma Yanez and her brother Jorge Gonzalez sat down with FOX61 onTuesday.

“She was the best thing for me in my life, we were close,”  Yanez translated for Gonzalez. “He’s very heartbroken, it’s just like something unexpected.”

Jorge Gonzalez said his sister and Hernandez were dating, lived together and were supposed to get married. He has so many questions for the suspect.

“Why did you do that? If she did not want to be with you or you didn’t want to be with her, why couldn’t you just maybe just separate?” Yanez translated for Gonzalez. “More than anything, he’s repeated, he wants justice for his sister and what was done to her.”

Another focus for the family is making sure Aylin has a happy and successful future.

“He wants to make sure that his niece goes in a good path,” Yanez said. “Not to let anything - obviously what happened now -- affect her. He just wants the best for her.”

The double stabbing occurred at 69 Greenwood Street in Bridgeport around 2:45 a.m. Friday.

The mother’s female friend is in critical condition after the incident, according to police.

Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez called the case the “ugly, ugly side of domestic violence.” He said the man and woman were living together but were not married. He said alcohol was involved and the victim was stabbed at least 14 times. He appeared visibly shaken updating the case.

Chief Perez also said Oscar Hernandez is known to Bridgeport police for another situation in which there was a restraining order against him. Police say this was for an assault case involving another woman, not Aylin’s mother Gonzalez.

ICE confirmed late Friday that Hernandez was deported in 2013.

“We want to arrange a funeral to send her body to rest in peace as her final resting place to our home country, Guatemala,” the family wrote on a Go Fund Me page. “Thank you for any contributions you can make, it is greatly appreciated and will help significantly.”