Waterford officer was sent to hospital after being exposed to fentanyl during drug arrest

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WATERFORD —  A police officer was sent to the hospital after being exposed to fentanyl while arresting a man for heroin possession.

On February 27, Waterford Police pulled over Nicholas Constantine, of Rhode Island, on Route 85. Police said, while searching Constantine’s car, Officer Matthew Fedor, was exposed to the fentanyl the heroin was cut with.

After Constantine was arrested and officers cleared the scene, police said, Fedor was feeling lightheaded and sick, with a high heart rate. Waterford Ambulance transported Fedor to the hospital where he was tested and observed over a period of time. Fedor is in good condition and has returned back to work, police said.

Constantine is charged with possession of controlled substance of narcotics, drug paraphernalia, unauthorized manufacture/sale/etc of drugs by non-drug-dependent person and failure to drive in proper lane.

Constantine was released on a $15,000 bond and is pending a court date.