Watch video of truck rolling on to I-95 from Darien rest stop

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DARIEN -- Video released Tuesday showed a tractor-trailer as it rolled on to a busy I-95 from a rest area gas station Monday afternoon.

The incident happened near Exit 9 in Darien on the southbound side of highway. The incident involved three other vehicles and resulted in a crash and a minor injury.

The video, released by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, shows the tractor-trailer truck pulled up to the gas pumps at the I-95 Southbound service plaza. Shortly after the driver exited the cab, the truck started rolling away from the pump. Police said he neglected to engage the brakes.

It continued rolling and accelerating on its own out of the gas station, flattening a guard rail and rolling onto the highway, where it collided with other vehicles. As emergency vehicles worked at the scene, the driver is seen walking to where the truck had been, and then running over to the crash scene.

The driver was issued an infraction for failure to leaving a vehicle on a highway without setting the emergency brake. One of the other drivers was issued a ticket for driving with a suspended license.