2 New York men arrested in ATM skimming case in New Britain

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Sasun Yengibaryan - Sergey Grigoryan

NEW BRITAIN — Two men were arrested Tuesday by police who suspect the pair in connection with widespread ATM fraud.

Sergey Grigoryan, 36, and Sasun Yengibaryan, 41, both of Rego Park, NY were taken into custody and charged with theft, criminal attempt to commit larceny 6th (3 cts), conspiracy to commit larceny 6th, forgery 2nd, credit card fraud (2cts), credit card theft (2 cts), card fraud (2 cts). Grigoryan was also charged with ATM fraud.

Police said after a series of ATM skimming complaints, fraudulent transaction and identity thefts complaints last week, information about the crimes were sent to local departments. Between February 24 and 27, Webster Bank lost $60,000 when ATMs in the central Connecticut were fraudulently used.

On Tuesday, employees at Webster Bank called New Britain Police to report two suspects were in a MINI Cooper using fraudulent credit cards at their ATM located at 450 Main Street.  Responding officers spotted the vehicle in the parking lot and detained Yengibaryan. A stack of plastic cards fell out of his pocket while he was being held according to police and the officer immediately recognized the cards as ones used to make frauduent credit cards.

Sergey Grigoryan was also in the car, and according to police, one of the bank employees had seen the two men on a live feed attempting to make fraudulent withdrawals.  Bank employees recognized the two men from previous fraudulent withdrawals at other Webster Bank ATMs.

Police said they found a list on Yengibaryan of Connecticut bank addresses which appeared to be either banks they had already targeted or were looking to hit next.

Investigators believe the pair was able to get personal banking information from customers by utilizing a skimming device at various gas stations in Connecticut.