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Man injured after tree fell on van in Orange had just battled cancer

ORANGE -- Trees littered roadways statewide last Thursday, killing one and coming perilously close to others.

Chris Scofield and his business partner were pinned beneath a pine in the plumbing business van on the Wilbur Cross Parkway southbound, in Orange.

"It's going to be months, upon months, before he'll even be able to go home," said Trevor Scofield, whose brother, Chris, was seriously injured in the crash.

Scofield says Chris suffered multiple fractures in his spine and a fracture of his neck. Scofield's many injuries will lead to multiple surgeries according to the family. This comes just six months after he beat cancer.

"His body being in the shape that it is, building it back up after the cancer, I think saved his life," said Trevor Scofield.

"I'll always be the closest with him," said Chris Scofield's twin brother, Nicholas. "It was very emotional. I was scared to death to be honest."

The pine tree, estimated to weigh over 50,000 pounds, was partially resting on Chris Scofield's chest.

"A tree can't bring him down," said Nicholas Schofield, with a smile. "I don't think anything else can."

But, the accident might result in financial ruin for Chris Scofield's family and their small plumbing business, A&S Mechanical of Shelton, with hospital stays, surgeries and rehabilitation ahead. This family just can't seem to catch a break. Chris Scorfield's wife, Lisa, had her car break down twice while she rushing to Yale-New Haven Hospital.

If you'd like to assist the family,  the family has created a GoFundMe page.