Connecticut State Colleges and Universities propose tuition increases for next 2 years

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HARTFORD — A college education could soon cost even more in Connecticut. Friday, Mark Ojakian, President of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, announced tuition increases for the next two years.

The changes would apply to four state universities, twelve community colleges and Charter Oak State College.

Ojakian sent a letter to the CSCU community explaining the changes Friday morning:

Dear Students, Families and our CSCU Community:

We are working hard every day to put our students first. That is why, like last year, I want you to hear this news directly from me. I am recommending a tuition increase at all of our schools. It is a smaller increase than the previous two years, and for the first time I am suggesting a two-year time frame so that students and families can plan better for their educational costs.

There are a few things we considered in making this decision:

Every year we nominally increase our tuition to address the growing costs of programs and services.
This increase will be the exactly the same next year. For community colleges, this represents an increase of approximately $50 per semester and $200 per semester for the universities and $150 at Charter Oak for the next two years.
This does not close our deficit and we would never look to tuition to do so. If we did, we would have to raise it by double-digits and that’s not an option we’d be willing to consider.
I want to deliver on my promise to keep our schools affordable and not further burden our hard working students.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Universities currently cost $10,079. They would increase by 4.0% or $403, totaling $10,482 in 2018.
  • Community Colleges cost $4,168. They would increase by 2.5% or $104, totaling $4,276 in 2018.
  • Charter Oak State College cost $7,611. They would increase by 4.0% or $304, totaling $7,915 in 2018.
  • Then, Universities would go up another 4.0% or $419 in 2019, totaling $10,901.
  • Community Colleges would go up another 2.5% or $108 in 2019, totaling $4,384.
  • Charter Oak State College would go up another 4.0% or $319 in 2019, totaling $8,234.

The Board of Regents Finance Committee will meet on Wednesday, March 29, to discuss this recommendation and the full Board is scheduled to vote on April 6.

“I am fully aware that an increase is still an increase and this will impact you and your families,” Ojakian said. “As a public higher education system, we will work hard to provide you with the affordable high quality education you deserve and expect.”