Stamford’s Americares responding to devastating Peru flooding

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STAMFORD --  Since December, Peru has been deluged by 10 times the normal amount of rain, which has led to massive flooding and landslides. Fortunately, organizations like Stamford based Americares are always ready to assist.

Americares renders some $600 million worth of medical aid and innovative healthcare to 90 countries, including the United States, every year. The devastation in Peru "Is largely due to a coastal El Niño affect," said Kate Dischino, Americares Director of Emergency Response.

"To date, there have been 85 people, who have lost their lives," said Dischino. "Over 100,000 have lost their homes and nearly 650,000 were affected."

Fortunately, Americares has been working in Peru for 20 years and knows the lay of the land.

"You have mudslides that have cut off access to communities and you have acute injuries," said Dischino. "You also have significant flooding that's damaged infrastructure."

And, so, their Stamford warehouse is busy "Building shipments of critical medicines and medical supplies and we've actually started shipping about $7 million worth of product (to Peru) to be put in the hands of our front line health worker partners," Dischino added.

She notes that Americares responds to over 30 disasters worldwide each year.

"We have an expertise and being quick to respond."

Four shipments, including one Friday morning, have already been earmarked for Peru.

"And we're waiting to understand what is the need and we're always really planning ahead to see what else we can do," she said.

If you would like to assist monetarily, for Peru or any other cause, click here.