Own a home security system? Wethersfield police want your help

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WETHERSFIELD — Wethersfield police want homeowners with surveillance cameras to help them catch thieves red-handed.

"One of the first things we're looking for is video," said Wethersfield Lt. Andrew Powers, when explaining crime investigations.

A video camera registry is the brainchild of Officer Peter Salvatore, according to the Wethersfield Police Department’s Facebook page.

Here’s how it works: If you have a video surveillance camera, you could let police know. If a crime occurs and police feel the video system can help them in their investigation, they will contact you and set up a meeting to review the video.

"If there was an incident that happened on their street, we would look at our database to see if anyone on that street has video," said Lt. Power.

Lt. Power said the video would be extremely helpful in solving residential crimes, like burglaries.

"We've been getting hit with snowblower thefts this winter from unlocked sheds," said Lt. Power. "And those are all when people aren't home. They're at work."

This idea is something many agencies across the country are using to benefit their communities, according to Wethersfield police, local homes and businesses have helped solve crimes in the community in the past.

The program is completely voluntary. Police can never access your cameras unless you choose to show them the video, and you may opt out of the registry at any time.

If you’re interested in participating in the program, you can contact Sergeant Michael Fisher of the Wethersfield police at michael.fisher@wethersfieldct.gov. He will need your name, address, phone number (home or cell) and if you are a residence or a local business.