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Bristol high school student writes song about SAT stress

BRISTOL — It’s SAT season across the state and a Bristol Eastern High School student is easing his stress through song.

Alex Mika tells The Hartford Courant that he wrote the song because he wanted to do something “light and humorous” before taking the test that can have a large impact on getting into college.

He is selling the song on iTunes and Amazon and any money he makes will go towards the Class of 2018, he said.

“Spring: A time of the earth’s rebirth, flowers, the singing of the birds… and then there’s the SAT,” he wrote on YouTube. “This piece was written on the eve of my entry into my junior year of highschool as the daunting thought that I will soon have to take this exam began to cast its shadow over me. I hope you enjoy!”

The lyrics are clever and he’s a talented singer too! Well done, Alex!

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