Recipe – Matzo Ball Soup

HARTFORD -- Chef Michael Klein of Crown Market and Rabbi David Small of the Emanuel Synagogue stopped by FOX61's Good Day Connecticut to talk about the Passover holiday and traditional food, including Matzo Ball Soup.

Chicken recipe:

  • Cottonseed oil 3 tbs
  • Chopped garlic 2-ts
  • 3 onions (1 diced, 2 chopped)
  • 8 celery (4 diced, 4 chopped)
  • Water
  • Chicken pullet

Add chopped ingredients in pot cover with water and simmer for 2-hours. Remove chicken carefully, cool and pick apart. Strain broth and you’re ready to serve.

Matzo Balls:

  • 1-cup Matzo meal
    Dash of salt/pepper
    3-4 tbs of Shmaltz or oil

Mix in bowl, scoop out with an ice cream scooper, then roll and drop into salted water. Remove and serve with chicken soup.