Santopietro Deli in Waterbury serves up ‘gut-busting’ grinders

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WATERBURY -- There are deli's and then there is Santopietro Deli in Waterbury. This staple serves up a mouth-watering menu filled with homemade goodness in every bite.

From gut-busting grinders with stacks of freshly cut thinly sliced meat with endless trimmings to daily specials like the spicy chicken tortellini, there is plenty to tickle your tastebuds. Owner Lisa Perugini has just taken over the popular deli and says it's a dream come true.

"I have worked in deli's for a long time, including Santopietro's until buying it," said Perugini. "This is my passion and I enjoy making people happy with food."

The little gem on Meriline Avenue can't be missed around lunchtime as customers line up out the door for the deliciousness made by Perugini and her staff.

To top it all off, the homemade rice pudding with cinnamon will satisfy any sweet tooth you may have. It's worth any trip!

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