Spring is here and so are allergies

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GLASTONBURY – Tis the season for warmer weather which also comes with allergies.

Allergist Prasad Srinivasan said April starts allergy season and the time of year he sees more patients suffering with sympotms.

He said the most common allergy this time of year comes from tree pollen.

“This is a high pollen week,” he said . “Along with the trees, another thing we see this time of year is the high mold counts.”

He said the most common symptoms are itchy, red, and/or watery eyes, as well as nasal symptoms like a post nasal drip and upper respiratory systems such as a sore throat.

Dr. Srinivasan said now is the time to get ahead of allergies before they get the best of you.

“Keeping the windows closed especially early hours of the morning and in/around the late hours of the evening because that's when the pollen count is at its peak,” he said. “You want to keep the air conditioner on as much as you can.”

He said you can keep track of pollen counts but keep in mind even if they seem low, you can still be hit with significant symptoms.

“Many times people will say, the pollen count is not that high, and how come I’m so miserable?,” he states. “Because the pollen counts that are out there, measure the total pollen grain, not fragmented in pieces.”

He said your best bet is to be preventative and proactive by starting medications ahead of time.

“Whether it be the oral antihistamines, the nasal steroids, it is always good to get started a week to ten days prior so this is about the right time to get started,” Dr. Srinivasan said.