Today is Tax Day. Here’s what you need to know

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HARTFORD — Tuesday is officially Tax Day, which means it is the last day to file your taxes.

Tax Day normally falls on April 15 but since that date fell on a weekend, and a holiday weekend at that this year, it was moved to Tuesday, April 18.

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, and you think you may need an extension, you have some options.

When it comes to federal taxes for individuals, you must fill out form 4868. The IRS notes that while you can get an extension of time to file your federal tax return, you do not get an extension of time to pay your taxes. Tuesday is the last day to pay whatever you may owe, or you could run into extra fees. There are exceptions for those serving in a combat zone, a qualified hazardous duty area, or those living outside of the United States, however.

When it comes to filing your state tax returns, you can request a six-month extension of time to file. You would need to use form CT 1040 EXT, which allots more time to file your individual use tax. If you filed an extension on federal form 4648 with the IRS, you don’t need to include a reason for your extension. If you didn’t file that form with the IRS, you need to prove you have good cause to request an extension.

If you don’t owe any additional Connecticut income tax, and you have asked for an extension of time to file your federal income tax return, then you aren’t required to fill out that 1040 EXT form.

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