Police investigating 2 threatening incidents at Ledyard High School, including Instagram ‘hit list’

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LEDYARD -- Ledyard police and school officials have been dealing with two threats this week and one involved students on a supposed hit list.

On Wednesday, April 19, there was a buzz in the Ledyard High School, about a student, who claimed that he had "plans" for the school on Thursday, which was the 18th anniversary of the Columbine massacre.

Also on Thursday, April 20, school officials were notified about an Instagram account labeled "lhs.shooter" that popped up, listing the names of eight students. The Instagram post named a boy and a girl from each of the four grades, totaling eight students. Police concluded that threat is also not credible.

"The school administration, staff, our students responded to these rumors with common grace," said Jason Hartling, Superintendent of Schools. "Our IT department, along with the detectives have done an amazing job and I continue to be impressed."

John Rich, Ledyard Police Chief, added, "We think we know certain I should say characteristics or aspects, basic times, locations, etc."

As of Friday morning, police were still waiting for information from a Canadian company, which could provide clues as to who was involved.

"Our students want to figure out who this is as much as we do. Because they don't want this kind of behavior at their high school," said Hartling.

Police said they do not believe the student and the Instagram account are related and are investigating them as two separate issues.

Police said they are continuing to investigate.