Roses for Autism plants more seeds for success this spring

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Guilford --  April is Autism Awareness Month and the seeds for success are being planted through a program at Guilford's Pinchbeck Farm.

New projects are in bloom at Roses for Autism where a dozen young adults with autism are busy working in the greenhouse. The program is built to springboard autistic young adults to the next level by providing them job skills so they can secure another full-time job.

"The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is very unacceptable, it's about 88 percent," said Susan Dunkerley, Work Program Manager at Roses for Autism.

Dunkeley helps to over look thousands of floral arrangements and the sales of a rose based perfume called Ardent Rose. Additionally, the greenhouse property is working on a new sensory garden project set to open in June.

"It's a way for our people with disabilities to get in touch with their senses, with sights, sounds, touch and smell," said Dunkerley.

Katie Lassogna, a 23-year-old intern at Roses for Autism, said her work experience in cutting and bunching flowers has been rewarding thus far.

"They're teaching me a lot," she said. "I get to learn new stuff about flowers and get to go out with the community."

Dunkerley added, "We're not only here for roses to bloom but for people to bloom too."

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