Pets of the Week – Ana and Elsa

HARTFORD -- Ana and Elsa are Smooth Collie mixes. These 7-year-old-ish spayed girls are presumed to be sisters. Though unsure of their relationship, they are clearly connected genetically, and could be either sisters or mother/daughter.

They were found roaming in a rural town about a year and a half ago and were rescued from animal control there after they went unclaimed. They were adopted out to a wonderful home, but the two of them were just too much dog for these wonderful folks.

While Elsa is calm, gentle, sweet, and a bit skittish, Ana is a bit more wild and fun and mischievous, and certainly more active.

Based on some great information by the adopters, they need different environments.

Ana needs a younger, more active home, with hikes in the woods, lots of playtime, and a little bit of mischief.

Elsa would love the quiet and routine environment of an older adult home, perhaps a couple of empty-nesters who are active and need a gentle, calm soul.

To learn more about Ana and Elsa, or other pets that need homes, contact Protectors of Animals.