Lyme mompreneur creates solutions for life’s little messes

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LYME --  We've all been there. Rushing to work, school, wherever... and that sip of coffee becomes a big spill on the clean clothes.

What if there was a solution for these multi-tasking messes?

"Our slogan is, 'Life’s messy, stay neat,'" said Heidi Worcester, creator of NEATsheets, giant napkins with absorbent fronts and liquid repellent backs. "It saves you from relish or smoothies or yogurt or whatever the case may be," says this Lyme mom of three.  "I spend a lot of time in the car, carpooling, commuting."

Worcester believes this product is perfect for the Sandwich Generation - folks taking care of growing kids and elderly parents.

"We’re an aging population - why can’t we create great, exciting, fun, sophisticated designs for our seniors," she said.  "Design" is the key word."

Worcester, who studied landscape architecture, is motivated by aesthetic.  The prints are varied and fun.

This former children's book author said starting a venture can be isolating, so she participated in an entrepreneurial accelerator program through The Refinery in Westport. Since the fall, sales of NEATsheets have been on the rise.

"It’s going really well! It is kind of exciting," said Worcester.

Now, she has advice for fellow mompreneurs:  "You have to resilient and say, 'I believe this is a great idea.'  And I do!  This is a great idea!"

A 20-count pouch of NEATsheets costs $10. Worcester hopes to develop a whole line of "neat" goods.

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