Several Trinity College students injured after group of teens crash campus party

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HARTFORD -- A group of about two dozen teens crashed a party on the campus of Trinity College and left several students with injuries.

According to a statement from the school, around 10:45 p.m. Saturday night about 20 to 25 teenagers, who were not from the college, entered a fraternity party on the grounds near St. Anthony Hall. According to officials, when students at the event asked the group to leave, several Trinity students were assaulted by members of the group.

A student, Kelsey Baradzi, tells FOX61, a group of teens entered the area where the party was being held, several of them with backpacks and that raised concerns with the frat members. Baradzi said one of the non-students punched a frat member and other teens joined in. He said between five and seven fraternity members were assaulted by the larger group of teens. Baradzi claimed that one campus security officer was attacked by the teens as frat members tried to protect him. Baradzi said the other officer did not intervene.

Baradzi said the school's administration said a false alarm on the other end of campus delayed the emergency response.

The college said students were injured but no one was hospitalized. Baradzi, however, said five members were injured, one member had two fractures to his cheekbone and a severe concussion and the others suffering from black eyes, a sprained ankle, and three members with concussions.

Justin Fortier, the president of St. Anthony Hall was in the middle of the brawl. He thinks Trinity college should do to prevent an incident like this from happening again.

“I think that if nothing changes security wise things like this will continue to happen," says Fortier. "But if the school gives proper attention to it and we kind of learn what’s behind this we’ll be able to really limit these like these unexpected guests.”

Video footage of the assault was shared with Hartford police. The school plans on increasing security and on Wednesday, May 3 at noon, they will hold a meeting to address safety concerns.

In March 2012, Christopher Kenny, a Trinity student at the time, was attacked on Summit Street and Allen place in the same area as Saturday's assault.

Three years later, Pedro Carillo, and Veronica Marquez of Hartford, were charged with second-degree assault and conspiracy to commit second-degree assault. Carillo was later sentenced to 10 years in prison. The school had originally blamed other Trinity students for the incident despite what witnesses said. Following the attack some worried students were behind the assault but police say Marquez and Carrillo never attended Trinity College.