State labor unions continue talks as layoffs begin to loom

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HARTFORD -- State employee labor unions are bracing for layoff notices which Governor Dannel Malloy said may be sent out next week.

"If we're not going to have a deal then there are going to be far more layoffs and other cuts that are going to have to be made so in fairness to the workforce we need to understand where we are," said Malloy.

State leaders are seeking $700 Million in concessions from State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC), the coalition of state labor unions negotiating terms with the Governor.

More than 4000 layoff notices may be sent out if concessions aren't reached according to lawmakers.

"At the end of the day, it's going to hurt local communities, it's going to hurt services, people who are vulnerable." Lori Pelletier, President of the CT AFL-CIO.

Labor unions are currently in talks with the state to try and find an amicable solution.

"We've been through this before and I think that's where we're at," said Charles DellaRocco, President of AFSCME Local 749. "We're willing to help solve the problem but it can't be on our backs."

Legislative leaders are due to meet with the Governor next week to continue budget talks.