Highlighting Connecticut’s great moms: Lisa Landa from Madison

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MADISON -- Mother’s Day is on the horizon, so, we want to give a shout-out to all of you as we looked for Connecticut's greatest moms!

People all across the state wrote into us at FOX61 about what makes their moms so special and we received some beautiful testimonials. We invited six people to share those messages on TV. Monday, we met Sarah Landa, honoring her mom, Lisa Landa from Madison.

We really received some lovely messages.

Jeffrey from Prospect wrote: "My mom Michelle was always there for me when I needed a helping hand."

Lori from Niantic wrote: "My mom has been through a lot but she’s still been a great mom."

Christina from Plainville is honoring her mother-in-law: "From the day I met her, she’s been there for me through everything.”

Of course we know there are tons of great moms out there! And we want to mention as many as possible this week. So, please, fill out this form here and tell us what makes your mother so awesome!