Students with sharp objects; Meet Woodland Regional’s Timber Team

BEACON FALLS -- It is a taste of the great Northwest in our own backyard, at least at Woodland Regional High School.

This year the school has introduced a "Timber Team" where axe throwing and bow sawing are pre-requisites. The 30 member team is coached by Bobby Murdy, who, by day, teaches history at the high school.

"I love history," Murdy said, " and this is something that dates back to our region, our heritage."

At least one afternoon a week the students hone their skills at axe throwing, log rolling, and crossing cutting --  events that will be contested at their upcoming "Axe Games" competition.

Woodland will do battle against Wamago Regional High School from Litchfield -- the only other timber team in the state according to Murdy, aside from UConn that boasts a team of their own.

"It's just so different," said Carlo DellaValle, a junior on Woodland's timber team. "How many people can say I throw an axe just 20 feet away from the cafeteria?"

Murdy mentioned that the lumberjack sport in all inclusive and has brought all sorts of students together. "We have a lot of students who aren't into traditional sports, " Murdy said. "And this is a way to get them further involved." Senior Madison Mircsev, whose main event is cross cutting with a 5 and a half foot saw said, "I like that it's very different."

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