Hartford Police Department transparent to applicants looking to join the force

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HARTFORD — Hartford Police  Department has opened the door for applicants to get up-close and personal with what’s expected in joining the force.

The Hartford Police Department provided a unique opportunity Friday, for those seeking a badge to see what’s expected in the application process to help better understand it. Police said 44 people showed up to watch the presentation and asked police leadership questions.

Hartford Police Chief, James Rovella, started by stressing that the number one reason people should apply is to serve the citizens of Hartford.

"I really want to try and make a pretty good impact around here," Hartford Police Officer hopeful Derek Farrell said. "I’m very eager to see what else I can learn and how else I can help perform their expectations."

At the meeting, police went through the application process, including what is expected as per the city, state and federal government. Police even gave applicants a look at the Hartford Police Department’s immediate disqualifications which is a list they often don’t reveal.

The long list includes drug dealing, illegal use of illicit drugs, illegal or unauthorized use or possession of marijuana within the past 12 months, sexual behavior with animals, and dishonorable discharge from any branch of the military.

The goal for the department is putting this information out to keep people from applying if they’re not qualified.

Hartford Councilwoman, Cynthia Jennings said the main characteristics police are looking for are honesty and integrity, saying those cannot be taught. Jennings said the city has had difficulty getting people to apply to the police department so a special recruiting team was created, dedicated to the effort.

“We’re way down because we had a lot of retirements so these two classes that are coming up are an effort to fill the vacancies that have been created so we continue to have a safe amount of officers on the force,” she said.

In March, the city had recruitment for Hartford residents and Jennings said nearly 80 passed the written exam.

Mayor Luke Bronin announced Wednesday that the Hartford Police Department is now accepting job applications for both Hartford residents and non-residents that are interested in joining the department.

Hartford’s mayor said, “The Police Department received strong interest during its March recruitment drive targeted at Hartford residents. This round is open to all applicants,” said Mayor Bronin.

Bronin added, “After years of failing to recruit new officers, we will be bringing on multiple classes of recruits this year, and we encourage anyone who is interested in serving the city to apply. Our goal is to build a police force that better reflects our community, and that continues to uphold the tradition of dedicated, professional, community-minded service in the Hartford Police Department.”

Anyone interested in applying, is asked to submit their application and required documentation online at PoliceApp.com/HartfordCT, in person, or by mail.

Applicants must meet the following:
• 21 years of age or older at the time of application.
• High school diploma or GED.
• Valid driver’s license.

Applications are currently being accepted until May 24. There are separate applications for residents and non-residents. Click here for more information.