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Windsor Locks investigating after pit bull attack

WINDSOR LOCKS — The Windsor Locks Police Department say they are investigating after a dog got loose from a yard, and attacked another dog.

Police say they responded to Thomas Street and found a dog owner comforting their 7 1/2-year-old dog who was bitten by a pit bull mix. Another person from next door was holding onto a 2-year-old white and tan pit bull mix.

The pit bull owner said he was home on Reed Avenue and let his dog outside in the fenced backyard. The pit bull saw a cat and gave chase, breaking through the fence and ran after the cat.

The pit bull then ran up to two people walking their dogs and began to attack one of the two dogs. The owner arrived and had separated the dogs.

Police investigated and quarantined the pit bull. Both dogs are registered and all owners were identified.

Police also say that the incident is under investigation and not related to the previous pit bull attack on Spring Street.