The Real Story: Trumps first overseas trip as president

HARTFORD -- President Trump, is on his first overseas trip as president, while, back home, his fledgling administration remains embroiled in various investigations. He'll meet with leaders of Saudi Arabia, Israel and other Middle East nations, as well as NATO allies, to chart a course for future relations.\

Trump will delivered a major speech Sunday to the leaders of more than two dozen Muslim nations where he’ll urge countries to drive out extremists. An early draft of his speech does not contain the phrase “radical Islamic terror,” a term which Trump has emphasized back home.

Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer said the President edited the speech with his aides during the 14-hour journey from Washington.

We discuss Trump's mission, including the latest US military actions in Syria. Where might that lead?

Yvonne Davis, International Relations Expert Yvonne Davis
Lew Nescott, Security Analyst