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Designer selling $445 denim dress made out of two pairs of jeans

A new bizarre denim trend is hitting the women’s clothing market.

According to Bustle, the designer 6397 made a dress out of two pairs of jeans.

The first pair is upside down on the front with the second in the same position on the back side of the dress, and extra fabric used to fill in the rest of the dress.

The price for this interesting dress: $445.

According to the website Shopbop, the description for the “2 Jeans Dress” is, “A quirky 6397 dress made from patched-together jeans. The original waistbands are left intact, with the closures forming adjustable slits at the front and back. Adjustable shoulder straps. Unlined.”

This isn’t the only trend that’s scratching some heads. Recently, Nordstrom sold “mud jeans” for $425 a pair.

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