Men arrested after threatening teens with machete, wrench in Stamford

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STAMFORD — Police said they have arrested two North Stamford men for using a wrench and a machete to scare partying teens.

The Stamford Advocate reports 47-year-old Chris Ottinger and 62-year-old George Bilenko of North Stamford were charged with possession of a dangerous weapon and breach of peace.

Police said Ottinger used a wrench to threaten teens who had showed up to a party uninvited on Saturday. Before the group left, police say Bilenko hit the teens’ car with a machete.

Ottinger says the claims that he and Bilenko had weapons are “nonsense.” He said the teens sped through the area, and he and Bilenko were “trying to protect the neighborhood.”

Both Ottinger and Bilenko are scheduled to appear in court on June 16.