Elderly man injured in Dunkin’ Donuts brawl

CAMBRIDGE -- The chair throwing starts almost instantly after the man identified by police as Tyleek Solomon charges into the Central Square Dunkin' Donuts.

Those seated for a morning cup of coffee had almost no warning of the rampage that would escalate for more than a minute.

The first innocent bystander to be whacked in the head by a flying chair? A disabled elderly man who visibly can't get out of the way in time.

The man was stuck sitting right in the middle of the establishment as more chairs, a table, a napkin holder, and an even a bicycle seat are hurled through the air before a witness helps him to safety.

A police report explains that he has 12 pins and screws on his right leg and walks with a cane.

Police tell us Solomon's fury was directed at a 39 year old man he does know, and has apparently had a history with.