The Nina, Pinta ships arrive in Hartford

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HARTFORD --  How often do you see ships like the Nina & Pinta come into Hartford?

The captain is not Columbus. Instead, it's Stephen Sanger who sails the ships around the country as learning vessels.

The Nina is just 26-years-old and the Pinta is 15. But the authenticity of the ships are almost identical to their counterparts in 1492. According to Captain Sanger, “It was built by 8th generation Portuguese shiprights, utilizing the same techniques they used 500 years ago. It took 20 men and 32 months to construct.”

Every piece of wood was built without modern tools, very few modern day conveniences.

"We have a few modern amenities like a diesel engine to get us up the Connecticut River,” said Sanger.

Hartford will be home to the ships through Tuesday for curious onlookers and school kids too.