Heading out on the sound aboard a Hovercraft in New London

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NEW LONDON -- You can't miss them sitting off the docks in New London, bright yellow and ready to take to the water, or air, or even both.

Last year, former Wall Street banker Tom Murray went all in purchasing two state of the art hovercrafts which he and partner Brewster Jennings are now chartering to take guests on a memorable ride.

"We take people from New London to the Hamptons across the Long Island Sound or wherever they want to go," Murray said.

Blackbird Hovercraft Charters consists of the Blackbird 7 and Blackbird 10 which make a statement on the sound.

"We get a lot of on-lookers," Murray mentioned.

More copter than watercraft, Murray said the Blackbird flies about a foot and a half above the water.

"We're not sailing, we're not floating, we're flying."

Our trip took us out on the Thames River and into the Long Island Sound where seeing the sights is as interesting watching the mechanics of the hovercraft.

Jennings added "people love the exhilarating feeling of going sideways because we're on a cushion of air."

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