DEEP: EnCon police responding to person injured at Enders State Park

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Enders State Forest

GRANBY — DEEP says that EnCon Police responded to a person who was injured in a fall at Enders State Park.

DEEP says the 17-year-old male from East Long Meadow slipped and fell this afternoon, shortly before 2 in the afternoon at the waterfall section of the park. He was with a group of friends. DEEP says that the teen fell about 10 feet and suffered non-life threatening facial injuries.

In May, there was a University of Hartford student who was injured in a fall at Enders State Park.

Louise Gagne of Vernon has been fighting to improve safety at the forest because her daughter was the victim of a different accident.

On June 1, 2013, Amanda Monington was walking along the waterfall with her boyfriend and cousin when she slipped and fell backwards around 20 feet, landing on a boulder underneath the falls. The 15-year-old died at the hospital the next day.

“It shouldn’t have to happen to anyone else. I’ll never get over it,” said Gagne.

Since her daughter’s death, she has taken legal action with the state on her daughter’s behalf and is fighting for more safety measures at the forest beyond the warning signs near the parking area.

“Put some signs up where the actual danger is. Build some handrails, a bridge that crosses over that area where the waters falls are so people aren’t walking across the actual ledge of the waterfall,” said Gagne.

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