Little helpers raise money for disabled veteran

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MEMPHIS, Tennessee — A group of little helpers in Tennessee took matters into their own hands to help a disabled veteran.

Army Veteran Lorenzo Rhynes, 59, has lived in his Collierville, Tennessee home for 20 years. Over the years things have fallen apart.

On top of that, Rhynes’ health has also declined. His eyesight is failing and he’s bound to a wheelchair, making it hard for him to get around.

Several local business heard about Rhynes and wanted to pitch in. It all started with the Little Helpers lemonade stand.

“We bought his shower and the new garage door,” said Andrew Zona.

“His roof was leaking. We needed to take care of him. I’m also with the VFW here in Collierville as a former veteran myself we’ve gotta look out for each other,” said Kyle Grasso, owner of My Town Roofing.

The community donated nearly $15,000 worth of materials to fix up his home.

“I stay in prayer all the time ma’am. I thank god for the angels for coming through ma’am. These are angels. Yes, ma’am,” Rhynes said.