Old Saybrook company blasts TSA photos of 20-pound live lobster found in luggage at Boston airport

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(Credit: @TSAmedia_MikeM)

BOSTON   — A Connecticut seafood seller has something to say  about a lobster photo that went viral this week.

The Transportation Security Administration says a 20-pound live lobster has been spotted in a passenger’s luggage at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy says the lobster found Sunday in the passenger’s checked luggage at the airport’s Terminal C is the “largest” he’s ever seen.

The owner of Atlantic Seafood in Old Saybrook posted this on Facebook

I have something to say about this… This TSA agent should mind his own business. When is it okay
to go through someones checked baggage and take photographs? I am personally offended by this because
I packed this checked cooler with care and concern for the lobsters and my customers personal property. In addition to this lobster, my customer also purchased several other lobsters all of which were
purposefully packed on top of this guy. This agent,(after seeing the contents on an x ray machine, no doubt) had to dump out 12 other 
lobsters to get to this guy. Seriously, nothing better to do? And who would be to blame when these lobsters show up with a 
claw broken off because the TSA agent doesn’t know how to properly handle a lobster? Do your job and leave our personal
property alone.


McCarthy says the TSA doesn’t prohibit transporting lobsters. The TSA website says a live lobster is allowed through security but must be transported in a “clear, plastic, spill-proof container.”

McCarthy says the lobster was in a cooler and “cooperated quite nicely with the screening process.”

He shared a picture of a TSA agent holding up the crustacean on social media .