Atlantic Seafood in Old Saybrook stewing over lobster picture

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OLD SAYBROOK --  The owner of an Old Saybrook fish market is stewing over a lobster picture posted by the Transportation Security Administration.

Several days ago, a customer purchased roughly 50 pounds of live lobsters from Atlantic Seafood in Old Saybrook to fly back with him to his home in Georgia.

"I'm the one that packed that cooler," said Lisa Feinman, the store owner. "I'm the one that took the care to put the wet paper in and you want to give it the best travel it can have."

But, when she saw a picture posted to social media of a TSA officer, at Boston's Logan Airport, holding a 15 pound live lobster, which was included in the shipment, she was steamed.

"Where is the line that says it's okay to be photographing yourself with someone else's personal belongings," she wondered.

Michael McCarthy, a TSA Spokesman who tweeted the picture, said the photo was intended to "inform and educate" travelers.

"It felt creepy, Feinman added. "It felt like somebody is going through your stuff and taking pictures."

And Washington is taking notice.

"I wanna know what guidelines and standards there are for the TSA to be holding the contents of people's private property up in public for the world to see," said U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

One of the things that was so disconcerting to Feinman was how the crustacean was being held by the TSA officer, who was grabbing the 15 pound, 80 to 100 year old lobster, by the claws, which could easily have broken off.

Feinman added that her "customer said next year he's going to drive. That's how mad he was."

Ultimately, the $700 worth of lobsters made it safely to their destination to celebrate their annual family gathering in Georgia.