Wallenda walking the tight rope into Foxwoods

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MASHANTUCKET --  Nik Wallenda's  famous family has been performing aerial stunts for over 230 years.

That makes him the 7th generation aerialist of the Wallenda family. You’ve seen him tightrope over the Grand Canyon. His wife Erendira just last week hung from a ring over Niagara Falls by her teeth. Now, they’re here at the Fox Theater – but that’s hardly a come down.

“I knew I would have to do these worldwide events just to fill these seats here. Here I am , back where I love, making eye contact," said Wallenda.

"Zircus" is circus in German, a nod to his family heritage. Wallenda said it is an evolution of the Ringling Brothers Circus, of which his family was part of for years. This show is both new and innovative, and old and classic. He’s often looking for new ideas to entertain.

“When I travel through cities , I’m looking up at skyscrapers thinking it’d be cool to tightrope from there to there, Where can I walk from the St. Louis Arch to? Niagara Falls? The Grand Canyon? The skyline of Chicago. You know it’s always about being creative," said Wallenda.

Right now he’s working on walking over a live volcano. But the bigger he looks, the closer he still wants to be to the crowd, like the old days under the big top.

“When I’m over the Grand Canyon, people watching on TV, here people get to see the stress the sweat as we do what we do and it’s more of a personal experience,” said Wallenda.

And to show you what they mean by "everything old is new again’", the big finale in Zirkus is the same seven man pyramid on the tightrope , that Nik’s family has been doing for years. Tickets are available now for shows through Sunday here.