Woman eats over 20 lbs. of prime rib to break record

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN–  A woman set a new eating record at a steakhouse in Milwaukee.

Molly Schuyler sat down to eat at Ward’s House of Prime, eating one slab of meat after another. When she was done, she had polished off 22 1/2 pounds of meat.

Schuyler travels the country as a competitive eater.

“I am always looking for something new and maybe absolutely delicious that i haven’t had in a long time, or something to challenge me because i can eat well over 20 pounds.”

She accepted an invitation from ward’s, which has an honor roll of people who have eaten large amounts of prime rib in a single sitting.

Owner Brian Ward says she nearly doubled the previous record of 11.5lbs.  set by a woman who hosts a Japanese T.V. food show.

“It’s mind-boggling how much she was able to eat,” says Ward.

Schuyler’s portrait will now go onto the wall, and may stay up there for a while.

“I will. they said I could keep going until I wanted to stop, but then they ran out of food,” Schuyler said.

She says she’ll be back, as long as no one has a beef with it.