A day in the life of a State Trooper

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HARTFORD -- "Everyday is something new," says Connecticut State Trooper Sebastian Cummings.

He says it's essentially the motto for the Connecticut State Police. On some days he'll have no accidents to attend to, on others he'll have up to 5 accidents plus several domestic dispute calls.

But what stay's the same is protecting the public, especially on a holiday weekend.

According to the Department of emergency Services and Public Protection, in 2016 Connecticut State Troopers arrested 39 people for DUI's over the 4th of July weekend. That was larger than the 33 arrested during the 2015 holiday weekend. It's a trend that doesn't seem to be slowing down.

"Since Friday until today Troop 'H' in Hartford has had 11 DUI arrests," says Trooper Cummings.

He says patrolling helps shrink the numbers. Just the presence of an officer o the road can deter bad decisions behind the wheel.

"If you make that one person slow down you don't know, you could have saved an accident, maybe saved a life," says Trooper Cummings.

Sometimes just checking in on a stranded car can prove to be the most important action of the day.

"It could be a person having a medical emergency but they can't call 911 so that's why we check on these people," he says.

Trooper Cummings says the best way to enjoy yourself over the holiday weekend is to be responsible. Take a cab, call an Uber, anything to get home safely.