Murphy encourages Connecticut residents to ‘share your health care story’

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HARTFORD —  Share your story.  That’s the request from Connecticut Congressman Chris Murphy.

He’s asking Connecticut residents to open up about their real life health care stories that he claims could turn to nightmares if the Republican health care bill passes.

Murphy argues people on Medicaid risk losing their insurance and even those with coverage through their employer, will pay more for less care. He’s set up a website for people to share their stories or by calling his office at 860-549-8463.

“Senate Republicans need to hear the real life stories about what this disaster of a bill would do to families. I’m collecting their stories to make sure their voices get heard,” said Murphy. “If you’re on Medicaid, you could lose your health insurance. If you’re older, you could be charged a whole lot more than others for the same exact plan.”

Murphy added “If you’re planning on having a baby or a loved one has a history of mental illness or addiction, insurance companies could once again deny you coverage. And even if you get your health insurance through your employer, you could be paying more for less care. Bottom line, the Republican health care bill would do nothing to bring down costs or improve the quality of health care. I’m determined to stop this bill, and stories of what’s at stake for families in Connecticut will help me make that case.”