Pet of the Week: Jameson and Logan

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HARTFORD -- This week's pet of the week turns out to be petS of the week! They are 3 1/2 month old brothers from a litter of 5 boys. Their mother was feral, so she was spayed and returned to the outdoors where she would be happiest.

Jameson is the tiger (all gray), while Logan is the tiger with white! They were neutered this past week, and will be available for adoption shortly. They all have all their vaccines, including rabies.

They are two active boys, who have been around adult cats and a big dog, seeming to love everyone!

They love to play soccer games with pink pong balls and will chase laser lights until the batteries run out.

As much as they like each other and the other animals in the house, they also love people and are very social. All of them will sit in your lap and climb your shoulders!