Restaurants watch the weather to keep diners happy and dry

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MADISON -- At M&J’s Beach Grille in Madison, they sit their walk-up restaurant on some prime real estate.

According to owner John Ceneri, “there are only a few that are right smack on the beach, and I’m one of them."

Unless its raining then it’s different story.

“Rainy day’s its quiet but it’s okay – you need a quiet day every now and then."

That’s fine for a little seafood shack, but for an upscale restaurant like Shell and Bones in New Haven, the patio here seats twice as many as inside. “It’s our life blood , we need it “, says manager Steve Bayusik.

So if you can’t serve people outside, moving them inside isn’t that simple.  That requires some meteorology forecasting at the front desk which leads to proper planning, not ducking for cover.

“We call it at a moment and then we have a moment to get everyone to finish up their experience and hopefully we have the patio cleared out . We don’t have seats for everyone inside, so we have the time to experience so they can enjoy the patio, and then get in when it’s safe and dry before the weather approaches,” said Bayusik.