Milwaukee police officer saves dog in distress from lagoon

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MILWAUKEE, WI. – A Milwaukee police officer took an unexpected dip in a pond on Wednesday when he came across a dog in distress.

Officer Joseph Spignola was on patrol with a second officer at McGovern Park when he heard a loud splash coming from the water. He said at first he could not make out what it was, but soon realized it was a small dog.

Officer Spingola was able to run over and grab the dog out of the water, but the dog wasn’t quite ready to get out. The dog jumped back in, but this time it swam about 45 feet from the shore and got stuck in the weeds, said Spingola.

After seeing that the dog was struggling, Spingola said he took off his vest and utility belt and plunged into the murky water. With no owner in sight, the dog was taken to MADACC and given the nickname “Phelps” because of his apparent love of swimming.

Now people are praising this brave officer. “Here to help everything and everybody in the community,” said Spignola.

The dog is currently staying at MADACC and, if no one claims him, he will go up for adoption in about 5 days.