With some muscle, a trip to the Arm Wrestling World Championships

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SOUTHINGTON -- Talk about flexing your muscles, Ron Ermini has been doing that for 30 years.

Ermini is a champion arm wrestler now headed to the world championships which will take place in Budapest, Hungary in September. A concrete truck driver by day, Ermini trains with a dedicated cadre of friends at night who call themselves the "CT Arm Benders".

"It's pretty fun, especially when you get all the guys together, it gets pretty wild and crazy," said Ermini.

Ermini, known as "The Assassin" won a spot on the US National Team from his performance at the nationals in Lake Tahoe, NV. Josh Stark, a former arm wrestling champ who helps train Ermini said, "Ron is the assassin, he's really strong and very determined and he doesn't like to lose."

Judah Thomas, another training partner and church pastor noted that Ermini is just as much an athlete as a football or basketball player.

"He puts in as much passion and work into it as any other sport out there," said Thomas.

Ermini, who is trying to raise money to support his trip to the championships in Budapest added, "I'm going there to take home gold and represent Connecticut and Team USA."

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