Branford community speak out against open drainage pipe that killed a young boy

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BRANFORD -- You can usually tell what a community is like by its sights and sounds.

In Branford, the people will simple tell you.

"The town of Branford is a very close knit community," says longtime Branford community member Mike Streeto.

The people came together by the hundreds Sunday night to remember the life of Ben Callahan.

The 10-year-old was playing with his two brothers by the drainage pipe when he suddenly fell in and died as he was sucked into the culvert. Community members are talking with each other in order to find a solution that would prevent an incident like this from happening again.

Several people want to see a cover on the drainage pipe that would prevent a person from going under. Others think a cover would block the flow of the pipe and cause other issues down the road.

Branford's first selectman James Cosgrove contacted FOX61 and said the town's engineering department is discussing a solution for the culvert.