Hartford PD launches LGBTQ liaison site; aims to create safe environment for LGBTQ community

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HARTFORD —  The Hartford Police Department announced Wednesday that they have launched a LGBTQ Liaison webpage, aiming to  create a safe, inclusive environment for all members of the LGBTQ community seeking assistance from the department.

Police said they have “dedicated an LGBTQ Liaison to build and nurture strong relationships with both the City of Hartford’s residents, businesses, and visitors to the City. The LGBTQ page and Liaison are an extension of the Department’s strong community policing beliefs and responsible for bridging the gap between HD and the LGBTQ community through community outreach and resource development.”

Hartford police said they are always open to examining better and efficient ways to better serve their diverse and vibrant communities.

The website will work in partnership with other city agencies, law enforcement entities, and community based organizations by conducting community outreach, education, and involvement in other related LGBTQ related issues.

You can checkout the new website here.