In the midst of a nationwide opioid epidemic, CT school district isn’t taking chances

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LEBANON --  The Lebanon Public School District Board of Education made a decision Tuesday to equip schools with Narcan.

In an emergency situation, Narcan, also known as Naloxone, can reverse a narcotic overdose. Lebanon Superintendent Robert Angeli said there will be two doses of Narcan nasal spray at the elementary, middle and high Schools.

He said there hasn't been a case of an overdose and this is a precautionary measure.

"I hope they see it for what it is, that's just having a tool available in the event of a crisis," he said.

Angeli said if an emergency were to occur with a student or adult at the school, or even at a school activity, they will be prepared. Parent Max Kamm said he sees this as schools being equipped with an AED or Epipen.

"I hope that it never has to be used but I guess I'm not opposed to it," Kamm said.

Narcan will be in the school nurses office in the Fall. Each dose will cost the district $50.  Angeli said the idea was brought forward by school nurses and garnered great support from school administration.

"The message is always going to be not to abuse drugs, to use them legally and as prescribed by their physician," Angeli said. "We do know that people make mistakes and we want to be prepared so the mistake is not devastating."

Wallingford schools did the same back in December, equipping its high schools with Narcan.