Residents are cleaning up after storm rips through state

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ANSONIA -- A user submitted video shows the storm ripping through Ansonia with high winds and intense rain.

"Branches were falling down. And I heard something but I though it was these little trees hitting the house," says Brad Haug, a resident of Ansonia.

Instead, a massive, dry rotted tree fell onto his front lawn, knocking out his cable line. Haug said he saw everything from his front window, an experience he's used to.

"I was enjoying it. I was just looking outside you know, as long as you don't get blown away you just enjoy mother nature. It's going to come," says Haug.

Meanwhile in Milford during the storm, a mother was worried about a promise she made to her son.

"You told me this was the house we're going to live in forever. You told me we're never going to have to move," says Melissa Crowley.

A tree had blown over and fell onto her family's house, destroying the living room. Everyone was in another part of the house thanks to repairs that were going on.

"Our roof was finished at one o'clock this afternoon. I got home from work and the roofers were leaving," says Crowley.

Everyone made it out safely. Crowley plans to contact her insurance company later to assess the damages. However, the home improvement company she works for may be able to help her out.

"I have connections!"