Car launches off hill, crashes on top of house

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A driver is in critical condition in the hospital after firefighters in St. Louis say he launched his car off a hill before landing and crashing into the roof of a home.

Fire officials believe the driver sped down a neighboring street and hit a utility pole and a stop sign before hitting the hill and sending his car airborne.  The house next door also sustained some damage as a result of this crash.

The occupant of the home was at the gym when the crash occurred.

When firefighters got to the scene, they say the driver was trapped under the dashboard of his vehicle.  He was taken away from the scene and brought to the hospital with lower body injuries.

“This is kind of rare in the way it happened, how it happened, and how it was able to launch itself all the way up on top of the roof and that always creates additional problems for us, because fear of the roof coming down and stabilization of the vehicle while trying to get the individual out,” Deputy Chief Michael Arras of the St. Louis City Fire Department said. “The fact that he was trapped inside the vehicle wasn’t just a slide him out, he was trapped.”

The fire department says there’s no doubt the driver lost control of his car, but it’s still unclear why he was speeding at the time.