Community rallies around Bridgeport excon who helped rescue crash victim

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BRIDGEPORT – The story of an unlikely hero from Bridgeport is going viral nationwide as donations for the man continue to pour in.

Aaron Tucker, 32, was recently released from prison and was on his way to a job interview when he witnessed a car crash. He missed the interview to help save the driver’s life and now the community is thanking him in a big way.

“My whole life I’ve always seen that when you do something right, even the small things, something good is gonna happen in return,” said Tucker.

Tucker told FOX61 he hasn’t had a lot of “good” in his life, but after serving 22 months in prison for a weapons charge he is working on making things better for himself and his son. That’s what he was doing on

Wednesday when he was heading to a job interview on a public bus and saw a car flip on Post Road East in Westport.

“I ran to the front of the bus, while I’m running to the front I’m asking the bus driver, ‘Are you gonna help?’ He’s like, ‘No, if you get off the bus I’m gonna leave because I got to do my job,’” explained Tucker.

“I seen the car smoking and before he even finished his statement, I’m already out of the bus because I’m thinking he’s gonna pass away. Something’s gonna happen. The car’s gonna catch on fire,” he explained.
Tucker said he’s not a hero and he just did what anyone should do in that situation.

He ran to the car and, with the help of several other good Samaritans, pulled the driver out. Tucker also took off the dress shirt he was wearing for his interview and wrapped it around the victim’s head to stop the bleeding.

“I held it on his head and kept on talking to him,” Tucker said. “I’m like ‘Open your eyes. We need you. Your family needs you. You’re gonna make it.’”

Tucker helped until emergency personnel took over. He told FOX61 he returned home to his Bridgeport halfway house, said a prayer for the victim, and thought it was over. But then word got out about his good deed.

“Good things started happening,” said Tucker. “I never knew people to be so nice.”

A Westport resident named Karin Dale, who does not know Tucker personally, reached out to him and set up a GoFundMe page as a way to thank him. In four days, the donations exceed $50,000.

“It’s amazing. It’s really good people out there, beautiful people out there and I’m hoping someday that I’ll be able to stand side by side with those people and get away from all this other nonsense,” said Tucker.

Tucker said someone apparently tried to break into the Gofundme account after his story made national news. But the funds are now secured and those donations are all headed his way.

He told FOX61 he was able to reschedule his job interview and hopes to start working there soon. So he’s planning on saving the money from the Gofundme campaign for his 21-month-old son Aaron Jr.

Tucker said, “Everything that people are doing for me, they’re helping me provide for him and provide a future for him. Because I’m satisfied. I’m satisfied just to have my freedom again and to see his smile and see him playing with Mickey Mouse. It’s just, everything’s for him.”