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For New London Navy vet and artist, this is how he rolls

NEW LONDON -- Patrick McLane often can be found at the Spark Makerspace in New London painting one of his latest works but when he's out on the road, things get a bit more abstract.

"Without a doubt it's a magnet for attention," McLane said of his electric trike or rickshaw that he's named "Freedomland".

The tiny sized electric and solar powered vehicle can be seen roaming the roads of New London ever since McLane had the car shipped to him from China two months ago. "The plan is to change it into a traveling kiosk and studio," McLane said. "I can just have a portable thing to take around to either flea markets or arts fairs."

McLane, who spent nine years in the U.S. Navy and did three tours in the Middle East also prominently displays his service on the vehicle. The trike, which only goes about 20 miles per hour, suits McLane's needs locally. "I wanted something that could get me around that I didn't have to put gas in," he said.

As far as the name "Freedomland", McLane said, "Freedom rocks, I guess that's the message."