Police arrest Hamden man for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend

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HAMDEN — Police have arrested a Hamden man after he supposedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend Sunday.

Police say they responded to phone calls of assault Sunday morning at  Key Vue Drive. Officers met a with 23 year-old victim who told them her ex-boyfriend, Taray Smart, had repeatedly punched her in the face and head.  When she fell to the ground, Smart continued to beat her.

Smart then stole her cell phone and left the scene. Police say moments later they saw Smart in a nearby parking lot and was quickly put under arrest.

Smart, 35 of Hamden, was charged with assault in the third degree, robbery in the third degree, breach of peace in the second degree, and interfering with a police officer.  He is being held on bond and is scheduled for Meriden court on July 17.

The victim sustained injuries to the “entire right side of her face.”