West Hartford police suspend Los Imperios entertainment license for 15 days

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Credit: Mikaela Porter, Hartford Courant

WEST HARTFORD — Police have ordered the entertainment license for the club Los Imperios for 15 days.

Police said the club violated the West Hartford’s town code for the third time within six months.  Authorities said the club violated the ordinances once in January by playing past the allowable time and twice in May for fights that were not reported by the club. The club will not be able to have a DJ or live entertainment during the suspension.

Police said the last fight involved two patrons who returned to the club to get a debit card got into a fight with the security staff.

The club will be closed from July 18 to August 2.

The club will still be able serve food and drinks during the suspension.

The club lost it’s alcohol license for two weeks in September 2016.